Strange Weather In Tokyo -Hiromi Kawakami – The JFL & Foyles Event

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hiromiInsightful & intimate. The event dotted the I`s and crossed the t`s in an event organised by the Japan Foundation and Foyles.

Fans of Kawakami were treated to a meet and greet with one of Japan`s most popular authors. Known for her off-beat fiction, Strange Weather In Tokyo certainly fits the Kawakami mold. It`s a  gently-unfolding love story between a woman in her thirties and a man in his seventies, notable in part  because it was also shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2014 (now part of International Manbooker Prize) The novel revolves around its 70 year old Sensei and Tsukiko a woman in her thirties, who at first glance could not be anymore different but eventually  fall in love. Their  social awkwardness is marked by conversations about weather and food,  as a   convenient shorthand for masking Tsukiko`s deepening feelings for the Sensei.

I like writing about characters who have…

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Strange Weather In Tokyo -Hiromi Kawakami – The JFL & Foyles Event